We deliver tailor-made dashboards, analytics and applications for professional investors.

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Based on broad expertise and years of experience in the financial industry.

What we do

About Us

We are specialized in translating financial data into insights. Our focus is on investment portfolios and financial markets. Our clients are institutions like asset managers, pension funds, fiduciary managers, banks, insurers and custodians. We are their go-to-party for innovative and dynamic dataflows, financial calculations, analyses and reporting.


How we can help you

Our solutions

Responsible and robust investment decisions require more than a one-size-fits-all solution. We therefore make everything tailor-made. By doing this we ensure that the solutions we offer are fully in line with the strategies and requirements of our clients. Our services may exist of one or multiple of the following elements.

1. Streamline your dataflow

We start with determining which data is available and what the required insights are. This allows us to understand how the best solution can be created and on which information sources this solution may be based. We thereafter automate the process of data structuring and data storage. The goal is to realize a streamlined dataflow that serves the end-usage.

2. Enrich with (complex) quantitative calculations

We utilize our extensive financial expertise and proprietary financial library to enrich data by means of complex financial calculations, e.g. for financial derivatives such as interest rate- or inflation-linked swaps, FX derivatives, (basket) equity options, etc. These calculations are in-depth, fast and auditable.


3. Deliver insights via applications, dashboards and reports

Based on data enriched by our calculations we make insights available via dashboard, applications and analyses. This provides professional investors with ready to use investment- and risk analyses that are flexible, fast and in-depth, or it allows these investors to create these analyses themselves.

4. Accessible via secure portal

Our dashboards, applications and analyses are being made available in the cloud via our secured portal, accessible anywhere in the world.


Our added value

Our added value

Partnering with BasisPoint brings you the following benefits.

Enhanced investment- and risk management insights and decisions.

Independent and objective analyses, based on in-depth financial expertise.

Up-to-date and readily available, in minutes instead of days.

Less operational risk as a result of automation and unit-testing.

Cost reduction by using efficient and modern infrastructure.

Improved allocation of people and means as a result of reduced “manual efforts”.


Who are we

We are a multidisciplinary team of finance professionals with a combined experience of 40 years in the financial industry. Experienced enough to have a vision, young enough to also have fresh ideas.

With backgrounds in data analytics, quantitative finance, risk and investment management, we gained experience within institutions like pension funds, banks, custodians and insurance companies.

Olivier Laseroms

"Problem solving" is something that has gotten my interest ever since I was young. That has also been the main driver behind my choice of education, I hold MSc degrees in both Applied Mathematics (TU Eindhoven) and Econometrics (Tilburg University).

In my career up until now I have been active in (strategic) advice for financial institutions or companies operating within the financial sector. I combine extensive knowledge of the financial sector with my coding skills and thereby strive to develop solutions that bring added value in strategic portfolio and balance sheet management. The business perspective is always at the core of the solutions that I create.

Steven Wu

My creativity and resourcefulness, together with my knowledge of quantitative finance, programming (Python), data science and business intelligence (Power BI), allows me to break down complex problems and create structured and scalable solutions that are fast, flexible and robust.

My academic background (Econometrics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) has been a fundamental asset throughout my years of work in the financial industry.

Julius Schoenmaker

Throughout the years I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge about financial institutions and quantitative finance.

While studying Econometrics (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) I have been able to work at a custodian and asset manager, which gave me the opportunity to combine data analytics with quantitative finance and the ability to translate financial data into dynamic dashboards and reports (Power BI).

I'm energetic, versatile, refined, creative, reliable and a teamplayer.

Marcin Rybacki

I hold MSc degrees in Quantitative Finance (Tilburg University) and Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems (Warsaw School of Economics).

Throughout the years I have specialised myself in pricing and risk management of a wide range of asset classes, e.g. fixed income, derivatives and equity. I was able to gain experience on various projects involving building and/or maintaining financial libraries in Python, C++ and C#.

I'm an open-source enthusiast, actively contributing to the quantitative finance library QuantLib.

Oege Pennin

My experience within the financial industry was built up within a bank, a custodian and an asset manager. I hold MSc degrees in both Financial Economics (Erasmus University) and Risk Management for Financial Institutions (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

Over the years I have gained extensive knowledge within the fields of investments, financial markets, derivatives, portfolio management, risk management and Python.

I characterize myself as analytically strong, energetic, highly-motivated, trustworthy and a teamplayer.

Joost Mulder

I like working on challenges of a strategic nature. Preferably in an environment where new things are being tried and existing things are being improved.

My expertise lies in building businesses and companies around product specialists. I have a broader experience in the financial industry, ranging from banking, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions and insurance.

Interesting fact: my academic background is in philosophy.


Our clients

Our added value

Stichting Pensioenfonds Tandartsen

Pensioenfonds Tandartsen en Tandarts-specialisten (SPT) carries out the pension plan for dentists and dentist-specialists

Stichting Pensioenfonds Staples

Foundation for managing the pension scheme of the Staples companies in the Netherlands


By hedging currency risk, TCX contributes to more sustainable development in emerging and frontier markets.

The Development Guarantee Group

We design, build and operate guarantee solutions that mobilise capital to fund development and sustainability challenges

Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering

The pension fund for all employees and employers in hospitality and contract catering sectors.

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